Efficient logistics are becoming more and more crucial to businesses, local authorities, and consumers. Newdemands due to the increase in delivery options(shops, homes, relay points, lockers, offices, etc.) havemade the logistics systems more complex. The time has come to break away from the current bottle-necked system.

New constraints

Businesses see logistics operations as cost centers and therefore always aim at further optimizing them. But, most of them are organized in silos, a position that prevents them from being more efficient or sustainable. Efforts have been made to improve their performance,but they now face the new challenge of having to deliver both traditional points of sales (BtoB)and new e-commerce (BtoC) customers.

The time has come to find new solutions for omni-channel distribution.

A new organization

3PLs (Third Party Logistics providers) need to rethink their logistics organizations.
They must be able to manage growing complexity in transportation,order picking and deliveries with no increase in costs. As a matter of fact, neither the shippers (manufacturers and retailers) nor the end consumersare ready to pay more for extra delivery services.

Local authorities need to get through the current deadlocks
without having to take unpopular measures.

Facing a worrying increase in traffic congestion and urban pollution (gas emission, noise, etc.),local authorities and public bodies must find a global solution, from the first to the last mile, the only way to implement efficient and sustainable deliveries, and stop focusing exclusively on the last mile that brings only partial and costly options.


In depth changes and restructuring of the whole Supply Chain have to be made to meet the challenges ahead. URBISMART totally remodels logistics organization through a radically new global and responsible concept that is:

(manufacturers and retailers)

(carriers and logistics companies)



Reorganization of operational logistics

URBISMART : a European Meta-Platform

... develops a national and European network of peri-urban Distribution Centers for the consolidation of BtoB and BtoC deliveriesand for the mutualized order-picking operations for e-commerce orders.

... structures city deliveries according to the “one truck per street” principle,by grouping shops and internet deliveries of one given street or neighborhood.

... optimizes the parcel pick-up from shippers warehousesfor both BtoB et BtoC deliveries.

... handles reverse logistics and waste material collectionfrom the shops per street.

... increases driver’s efficiency by better filling the truck and allowing the driver to spend his time delivering all shops and homes in one street rather thanbeing stuck in traffic jams trying to go from one street to the next.

... Optimizes in real-time the best available delivery options, even integrating temporary new relay points amongst URBISMART partners when necessary.