An innovative organization

URBISMART takes over the existing system to then radically change it.
URBISMART integrates logistics through a mutualized and massified approach based on anopen community of logistics partners, multi-shippers and multi-3PLs, to meet todays needs.
URBISMART’s omni-channel logistics mutually handles real-time deliveries of BtoB and BtoC orders.

An innovative process

URBISMART abides by the principle of “one truck per street”.
URBISMART guarantees real-time adaptation to logistics needsas well as the mutualization and optimization of logistics flows.
URBISMART integrates multi-modal transportation means to reach its objectives of reliability, cost reduction and sustainability.

Innovative services

More frequent and cost-effective deliveries are the result of an optimized system that also adds new services such as extra relay points, reverse logistics and packing waste management. A dynamic billing system depending on real-time adjustments is also proposed.

An innovative technology

Software innovation is based on the combination of Artificial Intelligence for a multi-agent dynamic scheduling system and a full web front office enabling complete traceability of all operations. It also integrates multiple components (WMS, TMS, mobility, EAI, billing, etc.).


Customers are more and more accustomed to the digital world and therefore require a fully reliable,real-time delivery service with full visibility. The way the operations are managed is now critical.
This new era requires new services.

An innovative social network

The creation of a sustainable logistics quality label commits the parties to constantly improving thequality of the services they offer,at a more competitive price. Becoming a member of a global community shifts the perception of logistics as a cost center to anincreased turnover leverage for all parties involved.

Advantages for the shippers

Logistics costs decline thanks to the shared massification of transport. Improved services are guaranteed in a more environment friendly approach. Much needed cost effectiveness and increased sales are strongly appreciated.

Advantages for local authorities

Though the concept of a smart city has been adopted, its implementation still needs to be defined. URBISMART contributes to a sustainable approach thatmakes cities smarter through a long-lasting, radically new restructuring.Cities have set goals of increasing the fluidity of traffic and decongesting city centers, lowering levels of pollution (CO², noise).Their ambition is to meet social demands for asmarter, more sustainable urban development.
URBISMART aims at contributing strongly to the achievement of these goals of increased fluidity, simplicity and efficiency. URBISMART sinks into regional and local economieswithout taking over, but simply by facilitating operations for logistics parties to make a better, more useful contribution to society.


Out of the current logistics box, URBISMART creates a new business model that shapes a new partner’s profile.

URBISMART’s potential is wide, anchored in long term trends that push for true innovative remodeling:



Systemic approach

Shared economy

Social networks


URBISMART aims at invigoratingregional activities in areas where international corporations ambition to take over – the logistics market.

URBISMART sets out to add value to the global logistics business. By encouraging multi-tasking employees and added-value services,URBISMART promotes job recognition and acknowledgement within the field. The subsequent increased professional evolutions and improved working conditions have a true social meaningfulness.

Furthermore, URBISMART’s strong impact oncost effectiveness and logistics efficiency make it a strong contributorto extra funds made available for improved everyday life services and living environments. The perspective of a new way of living in smarter cities encourages people to commit to responsible logistics, and become accountable for changes.